The laminae are inter-digitating (like the loops and hooks of velcro) papillae that connect the inside of the hoof wall to the pedal bone (also called coffin bone, or P3) that is housed within the hoof capsule.

Image: H.Caulton Reeks "Disease's of the Horse's Hoof" published in 1906

The epidermal laminae are attached to the inside of the insensensitve horn of the hoof wall and the dermal laminae are attached to the sensitive corium that covers the pedal bone.

A degenerative condition typified by inflammation and in many cases subsequent death of the laminae in the equine's hoof. Laminitis can lead to founder (the rotation or sinking of the pedal bone within the foot), but does not in all cases. An equine can have inflammation of the laminae, and not exhibit rotational changes of the pedal bone. 

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