Wishbone's feet are looking so much better. Thank you for all your help. You made a big difference!
Sheryl & Wishbone
Just want you to know how much I appreciate your coming out to help Connor. We would have been lost without you! Thanks for going to such great lengths.
Thanks again Pat for all your help with Maverick. He loves his new shoes. His attitude is good. His gait is great. We are staying on meds & holding. See ya soon. Thank you for all your hard work with Mr. Maverick. He is feeling better already. I will keep you posted on his progress.
Don, Barb, & Maverick
Tuxedo looks great. No crack!
Your Poultice Pack really work's well for us , we find it durable and it stayed on securely from bandage change to bandage change, we have walked , trotted and also worked horses on the equine treadmill and all have stayed on and intact with little wear, we have also machine washed and re-used the hoofcap and sock and they come back as good and ready for another use ,we just add a new poultice pad , so they have been economical for us also.
It seems the whole  package creates a good barrier from bacterial and fungal infection from the ground and bedding, allowing the natural process of healing to accelerate which in turn has helped us speed up the recovery time with our hoof injuries and that has been a big plus, especially when every lost  training day counts against us having the horse ready to compete with other horses that have had no interruptions, 
We  currently have 150 horses at our barns in three different countries , you did a good job making the videos on your products, they are clear at explaining not only what to do but why! Plus they cover the  risks involved with some treatments,
Thank you for all your help,
   Steven Jell
Assistant Trainer
Mike de Kock Racing International.
I would just like to say how satisfied I was with your poultice pad. My horse had been suffering from laminitis. I was advised to take her shoes off. I used the poultice pad initially. It drew out all the smelly dirt and her foot was much healthier. It is so much easier to use than the old traditional poultice. With all the help and advice I got, my horse is on the way to recovery. Thank you for your product.
Yours faithfully
Lee Saunders
More to Come Soon...
I have been a client of Mr. Burton's for a little over a year now.  It is really nice to see folks who are so dedicated about their work and the soundness of your horse. 

Pat and his crew really go out of their way to stress the importance of good hoof care.  I have been around horses most of my childhood and have recently gotten back into the horse world and didn't realize just how important the hoof is.  I recently took a class of Pat's through the BISD (Burleson Independent School District) - "Hoof Care for the Horse Owner."

Before I took the class I would see a hoof and see the outside of the hoof.... there's alot more to that hoof (inside) than I would have ever guessed.  Good hoof care and soundness go hand in hand. When it comes down to it your horse is their main concern. 


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Burleson, TX 76028 USA
Farrier & Equine Podiatry Service

Dear Pat,
Tim & I want to Thank You, for all you do for us & our horses!
Thank you, for my "touch up farrier kit"! The gloves are great & the rasp will help with broken hooves! Thank you,
Q Oakes



You really have literally saved Dakota. I’d like to provide this testimonial if you ever need one, all parts or whatever you need....


I brought an 18 year old, underweight, abused rescue horse to Pat for a trim – and it was the best decision I’ve made. Pat has worked with Dakota and me now for over a year and a half. In that time, Pat has been able to get “D”s feet back into shape, restoring the cup, cleaning up and healing the frogs, and restoring the hoof to a condition where “The Old Man” can once again get his head into his work and not be cringing when he takes a step. Pat not only worked with my horse – he worked with me, teaching me things at every trim not only about the horses foot, but about my horse and horses in general. He’s made me a better horseman, and he literally saved my horse. Dakota is 20 now, looks 10, and acts like a 6 year old – all because his feet are in better shape than they’ve ever been. THANK YOU Pat.


Tom Van Kleef

Executive Vice-President

Warren-Goodwin, Inc.

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