Farrier's Networks
Texas Professional Farrier's Association
Network of Texas resident farriers, dates and news for farrier clinics and competitions.
American Farrier's Association
The website hosts a "Farrier Finder" as well as links to the monthly newsletter and annual convention.
Wound Management
Videos on the treament of soft tissue and solar injuries (punctures and abscesses) in the hoof.

On the link between gut function and inflammation in the laminae. Also good information on the impacts of sugar and carbohydrate in the diet that effect all horses (not just lamintic horses).
Hoof News
Fran Jurga's Hoof Blog
News about and around the horse's hoof by
Editor-at-Large, Fran Jurga. Fran also produces a magazine periodical "HoofCare & Lameness".
Hoof Mechanics 
Articles by Pete Ramey, a hoofcare practitioner in Northern Georgia. Mr. Ramey's insights are both thorough and revelatory on the growth and management of the hoof.

HemoDynamics of the Hoof
Michigan State University brief on Dr. Robert Bowker's research on the cardiovascular network in the hoof capsule.

Pasture Planning
An Brief Introduction to Grazing Models

Paddock Paradise
Home website for Jamie Jackson's book "Paddock Paradise" which outlines the hows and whys for utilizing pasture areas to encourage the mobility of your horse.  
Aerial Plan
In Missouri

Pea Gravel
Testimonials for this footing material in pastures, around loafing areas, tanks or feed spots.
"Passive Conditioning"
Pea Gravel Before & After

755 N. Burleson Blvd. Ste. C1
Burleson, TX 76028 USA
Farrier & Equine Podiatry Service
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People often ask for veterinarian views or studies that support natural trimming so I've compiled a list of just some of the articles I know of listed online.
"Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot" Dr.
Robert Bowker, DVM, PhD - University of Michigan
Lisa Lancaster, DVM; Many hoof related articles available for view and a some hoof related
FAQ's are located here http://www.lancasterequine.com/farrier_faqs
"New Theory on Equine Hoof Physiology" Dr. Bowker
Article from The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, "The Unfettered Foot"
Dr. Bowker & Pete Ramey; "Newly Discovered Shock Absorber in the Equine Foot"
....when looking at this, consider that this is just from the weight of a man, not that
of a 1000lb horse...how do you think a rigid shoe might affect this?
"Breaking Traditions" Dr. Tomas Teskey, DVM
"Avoiding Navicular"
"Is Shoeing Necessary?" Dr. Neel W. Glass, Ph.D.
"The Metal-Free Horse" Dr. Robert Cook, DVM, FRCVS, PhD; Tufts University
A Vet's story of a dressage horse on it’s way to having a neurectomy due to navicular
"Freedom for the feet---De-shoeing horses"
Understanding Feral Hooves and how it relates to domestic hooves
A detailed article from American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners --"What makes 'Good'
and 'Bad' Footed Horses"
Chrisann Ware, (not a vet but an Equine Myofunctional Therapist); Understanding
the "whole horse effects" of poor hoof form
A vets thoughts/comments on treating laminitis without shoes
Valuable information particularly for owners of laminitic horses
Swedish Vet/Ag University, "Do shoes affect hoof mechanism, heel expansion, frog pressure?"
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